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Lumos 2006 Knitters
Recent Entries 
25th-Jul-2006 04:58 pm - Lumos Meeting
harry - xmirax
This is terribly last minute, since most people are probably leaving tomorrow, but people have been discussing a knitting get together (which this comm was really supposed to organize, but I suck), so.

I propose that we schedule an informal sort of gathering between 5:00-7:00 pm on Saturday evening, probably around 5:30 or 6:00, in the Common Room area. If there is a better area upon arrival, we can move there.
potions are the only magic
Has anyone discussed any meeting places? I'm bringing with me (hopefully) some sort of knitting project and it would be great to join in on some knitting circle of gossiping fanpeoples (don't want to exclude the boys that might show up.) I know that I'm in high demand (big old sweatdrop there) for cosplay gatherings, so if you see a knitting Lockhart don't be too surprised.
24th-Apr-2006 10:09 pm - Ice Breaker, anyone?
harry potter - supes_
Since there's been no activity here, I thought I might try something fun, like an ice breaker post. Well, maybe not fun, but it would give us all something to talk about. Or me. It will give me something to talk about.

So, here's some questions for people to answer. Like a meme, kinda, except in the comments of this post.

1. How long have you been knitting?
2. What Harry Potter knitting projects have you finished, if any?
3. What sorts of other fannish HP activities are you involved in?
4. What type of knitting related events are you interested in (general get together, technique demonstration, teaching new knitters, etc)?

Apparently that's as many questions as I can think of. But I really want to put this community to some use, because it would be really cool to meet other knitters, or other people in general, who are attending Lumos.
29th-Mar-2006 09:18 pm(no subject)
severus snape - xmirax
Since some people are joining this community, I thought I would ask what everyone thought would be a good starting place. The Lumos lists something about meetups, which seems to be something like the Rooms of Requirement at The Witching Hour.
29th-Mar-2006 05:26 pm - Inaugural Post
harry - xmirax
As it is stated in the user info, this community is intended to be a place where knitters attending Lumos 2006 can organize themselves. I decided to start this community because although I have seen other specialized communities for Lumos, there wasn't one for knitting.

If you have any input into the layout, design, or organization of this community, please reply to this post. Additionally, any questions for the moderator or link recommendations for the user info can be left on this post.
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